ABW Relaunch23

Established, May 29, 2014, and offering only exclusive workforce consulting services to a small group of clients, A Better Workforce, has now relaunched into a full-service Business Management and Workforce Development Consulting Firm earlier this year. With locations in both IL and GA and offering services nationwide, A Better Workforce is looking forward to the years ahead.

“Our team is extremely excited and proud that the official announcement of this relaunch is happening this month. Each September as an industry, we as workforce development professionals celebrate National Workforce Development Month and although we have already begun this work well over 6-months ago, sharing this news with family, friends, and professional colleagues, feels incredible! We are creating A Better Workforce today for tomorrow’s future, through training, professional development, and innovation of our clients,” says Lizzie M. Harrington, Founder and CEO of ABW.