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Lizzie M. Harrington, MBA

Lizzie M. Harrington, MBA

A Better Workforce, a business management and workforce development consulting firm was founded in Chicago, IL on May 29, 2014. With little to no notice from her then employer, Jane Adams Hull House Association, closed their doors on January of 2012. Lizzie, along with many of her colleagues found themselves unemployed and then a year later for Lizzie, history repeated itself with another unexpected layoff.

Today, A Better Workforce has offices in both Illinois and Georgia and provides consulting services nationwide.

With over 15 years of management and direct workforce development programming experience, Lizzie is passionate about helping people reach their professional goals. Her background ranges from working within a human resources and staffing environment to non-profit and community-based organizations, college-level career placement centers and county government. Over her career, Lizzie has successfully managed multiple youth and adult employment programs, in which she was directly responsible for the overall implementation, coordination, evaluation, and performance-based outcomes, that not only met, but exceeded programmatic goals. Through her community engagement and development of strong relationships, Lizzie has changed the lives of many scholars and community residents over the years, in achieving their personal and professional goals in addition to securing employment.

Lizzie holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) specialization in Human Resource Management, from Walden University and a Bachelor of Business Administration with a Specialization in Management, from Robert Morris University located in Chicago, where she was born and raised. Lizzie also holds a Professional Graduate Level Cert in Agile Contract Management, in the areas of commercial, federal, and advance contract management from Villanova University.

Lizzie currently resides in the State of Georgia where she is a professional Notary Public, with her son Rodney, who is a Junior in college at Xavier University of Louisiana, where he is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

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